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Did you ever marvel at the miracle of digestion? The birthday cupcake goes in one hole with pink frosting, spongy yellow cake, and multi-colored sprinkles, and then is magically transformed by the time it reaches the other end of the tunnel. Amazing, isn’t it!!??

My sense of awe began when I heard how many truck loads of food the average human digests (or semi-digests, in the case of some food gulping individuals) in a life time. I looked down at my abdomen with wonder. I imagined dump trucks lined up in the drive way full of all the boring and fancy meals I have eaten. I absolutely know where it all ended up.

Sometimes I get a charge out of of visiting in public restrooms and leaving part of myself there. It seems so odd to me that I could be basically unaware of what was inside me until that moment, and unconsciously consider it to be a part of myself. I feel strangely indebted to these public bathrooms and I am deeply appreciative that they accept my offering, this gift of myself that I leave behind. I shutter to think of all the embarrassing moments they have saved me from!

So, here I am again, thinking about what to eat tonight. I know I have to eat something. I want it to be quick. I have to do this every day and I am not thrilled about that. Don’t get me wrong, I love to eat. It just takes up so much time, money, effort, and mental energy.

It could be worse. Have you ever had a relationship with someone who doesn’t like to eat what you eat, or when, or how you eat? It is a nightmare.

As I mentally plan what I will put into my hole tonight (the one that talks), I count my blessings that I am “soltera” and dealing with the food dilemma on my own. This is one great benefit of being single : -O

Thank You!

Thank You!

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