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Effortless Meditation Outdoors

Meditating outdoors (when feasible) can bring an effortlessness to the process for some of us. Technique: For 5 to 10 minutes (or more) let your mind focus on the FEELING of the sun on your body, the sounds of nature around you, the fragrances. Feel the air around your skin. Feel the air entering your nostrils and lungs. Let go of effort and feel.
Chances are you will feel more centered and refreshed when you open your eyes. Sometimes answers will come to things you were previously over-thinking.

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The mind gets a bad rap in some spiritual traditions.

I like my mind most of the time; and there is no need to exterminate it as some practices would have us believe!

Anyway it is a part of us, and a part of this life experience! It can work for us, not against us.

Mind discerns, creates, contemplates and invents good things!

Sometimes it runs a muck, but in a flash it comes back to the present with a little gentleness on our part.

Colors of the Mind Batik by Stephanie Pappas

Colors of the Mind Batik by Stephanie Ann Pappas

Praises to a healthy mind! And body/mind.

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