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Those last moments together become suspended and frozen in time when we say goodbye. Big, hot sensations and a choking lump overwhelming the throat . The mysteriousness of life saturates the space as we look past the eyes to the souls behind them. Lots of questions flash through the mind about our destiny, chance and fate.

What will the next days, weeks and months hold for us on our separate, but connected journey?

When I see you again who will I be? Will life harden or soften me in the time in between?

And then there is that unsettling emptiness after the departure. A little numb, a little sad; the one left behind returns to the duties of the day while thinking about the talks, the experiences, and the exchanges. The last minute phone calls at the airport seem like a desparate attempt to reassure the connection through space and distance.

Lots of space. Lots of silence. Longing and love, love and longing go together in that Sanskrit chant, “Radhe govinda, govinda radhe.”

That is the WAY of it.

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What I’d really like to share with you about the yoga practice…

Now for sale my new yoga book for all levels

Now for sale my new yoga book for all levels

  • Yoga offers you a deeper appreciation of your body –your temple this time around.
  • Yoga helps you age gracefully and with dignity.
  • Yoga offers us the awareness of who we are – and who we are not.
  • Yoga offers us a means to be kinder and more compassionate with ourselves.
  • Yoga is more than just touching your toes.
  • Yoga is more than fitness. It includes something for all levels of our being: lungs, organs, glands, emotions, mind, spirit, muscles.
  • Yoga has the power to bring you into the present moment and accept yourself as you are.
  • Yoga is a great way to feel connected in your community.
  • Yoga classes are a way of encountering like-minded individuals.
  • The breath is more important than the postures.
  • Yoga is a friend for life.
  • Yoga is the best preventative medicine and it costs nothing!
  • Yoga is like a self-therapy and self-massage.
  • Yoga is a gift passed on through the ages and never gets old.
  • Every time you do a pose or take a breath you do it in a fresh new moment.
  • Practicing with friends or loved ones increases understanding, intimacy, and belongingness.
  • You can practice yoga on your own by listening to your own innate intelligence –
    that same intelligence that is there to heal your cuts and wounds.
  • Yoga transcends race, culture, religion, class, and age.
  • You can practice yoga when you are feeling well or not so well.
  • Yoga just feels so complete.
  • http://www.YogaAtYourWall.com

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